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As a young child I was very sensitive. I just seemed to feel everything so deeply. Music and movement were the two things that brought me joy and kept me in tune with myself. I knew I wanted to be a dancer from a very young age, and I knew that it was a spiritual path for me. Dance became a whole way of life, my entire purpose, my entire world. I devoted myself to it and became a professional dancer, which was the realization of my lifelong dream. 
It’s no secret that the dance world can be harsh both physically and mentally. After sustaining several injuries, I had to stop dancing. I spent many years trying to come to terms with this loss of identity and purpose. Through it all, however, my love for dance never diminished. In fact, it was dance that got me through my darkest times. I went on to earn a PhD, connecting with dance intellectually and sharing my knowledge with others.

At some point, though, this didn’t feel like enough. There were deeper layers to explore, and, importantly, deeper layers to heal. I began to develop my intuitive gifts, and continued my study of world religions, ritual, and meditation. Learning reiki led me into a fluid, introspective space, full of unexpected creativity and grace. I embraced the “woo-woo” part of my constitution and learned how to guide shamanic journeys and meditations. Today I continue to marvel at the incredible wisdom, playfulness, and kindness I find in the spiritual realm, and I experience so much joy in leading others to explore this space for themselves.

When I teach dance for healing, it’s also for me a way of “healing dance.” By that I mean that our understanding of dance itself needs to be healed. Our culture’s attitude towards the body, and especially towards women’s bodies, tells us that only the young and extraordinarily able-bodied among us can be dancers. This is a damaging falsehood. Expressive movement is our birthright. It is the spirit that we channel through ourselves, the universal life force energy, that ennobles, beautifies, and invigorates us. There are no prerequisites, no age, height, or shape requirements, for this dance! We are all dancers. 


“I started seeing Carrie as a method of dealing with stress and anxiety. I was feeling very disconnected from my body and not feeling present in my life or work. Carrie took me through a very thorough and practical process, where I felt cared for, connected and lighter at the end of each session. She also provided me with immediate exercises to help me reconnect with my breath, which helped me to feel more grounded, connected, and energized. She is a gifted healer and generous and focused with her knowledge and insight.”

- M. Z.

“I did not know that much about Reiki when I experienced my first session with Carrie. She provided me information prior to beginning our session, and she sat with me for an extended length of time following each session to work through the emotions that came bubbling up for me. There was immense calm during the sessions themselves, and Carrie provided soothing music to coincide with the energy healing work. I felt comfortable the whole time. She helped me identify specific energy blocks that she felt within me, which really helped me on my introspective journey. It was an incredible experience that left me feeling more connected to myself and calm, while simultaneously feeling energized with possibilities for my future. I highly recommend Carrie.”

- H. K.

“Carrie is a wonderfully intuitive teacher. I’ve been dancing, learning and laughing with her for over a year and feel the effects in body, mind and spirit. She has a very gentle way of honing in on energetic blocks and resolving them with movement and breath. Her's is not a simple “do this, do that” kind of instruction but a gentle guidance toward maximum freedom and joy.”

- N. G.

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