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Inner transformation through the power of movement and energy healing modalities.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

At Dance into Wholeness, we offer a unique combination of dance practices, Reiki, and introspective journeys to help individuals along their path of inner transformation and spiritual growth. 

AbouT Carrie

Since childhood I have been deeply drawn by movement as a powerful source of spiritual growth and healing. My love of dance and music led me to a long career in dance, first as a dancer and then as an academic. But it wasn’t until I began developing my intuitive healing gifts through reiki and shamanic reiki that I understood a deeper purpose for my life: bringing movement and energy work together. 

Image by Cat Han

Reiki is an ancient and powerful form of hands-on energy healing originating from Japan. The word reiki translates roughly to “universal life force energy.” In reiki, this universal life force energy is channeled from the practitioner to the client in order to restore harmony and balance to the energetic field. Having first been trained a dancer and then as a reiki master, I actually view dance as a form of reiki. The dancer, like the reiki practitioner, moves energy through his or her body, evoking images, emotions, and dynamic states. Reiki and healing dance share the goal of releasing stagnant energy in the body, and freeing up room for joy, freedom, and inspiration. Bringing reiki and dance together empowers us to be active agents in our own healing in a deeply embodied, creative, and playful way. At Dance into Wholeness, I offer both traditional reiki and personalized reiki-informed dance sessions


I also offer guided shamanic journeys to deepen the path of discovery for clients. Shamanic journeying is a powerful tool for exploring one’s own internal spiritual landscape. Individuals may journey to identify and receive wisdom from spirit guides, release negative attachments, and understand the spiritual roots of present life circumstances. Upon request, I will also journey on behalf of a client where appropriate. 

Image by Guillaume Galtier

Calms the mind
Opens the heart
Promotes deep relaxation
Eases pain and detoxifies 
Soothes anxiety and stress
Fosters self-compassion

Increases mental clarity and focus
Releases stagnant energy
Embodies spirituality 
Fosters creativity and expression
Promotes confidence
Activates our heart center

Increases insight
Develops Spiritual Capability
Deepens Connection to Nature
Promotes healing 
Fosters imagination
Circumvents habitual thought patterns 


Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide
Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide
Shamanic Reiki Levels 1 and 2 through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide
Angelic Reiki Practitioner First and Second Degrees
Certified Pilates Instructor
American Ballet Theater Certified Teacher through Level Three

PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
BA, Smith College, Religious Studies, summa cum laude


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